If you have physical or emotional symptoms or both, there might be “stuck” emotions or energy obstacles in your body and subconscious mind. The Emotion Code is a strong approach for removing these impediments for effective healing. If you’ve experienced an emotional event in your life that hasn’t been adequately expressed or digested, those feelings might become stuck in your body. These repressed emotions can even begin during pregnancy and be handed down from ancestors through epigenetics and trans-generational trauma.

The Emotion Code can identify and release trapped energetic blockages such as residual energy from previous illnesses (parasites, germs, viruses, etc.), energetic dietary and atmospheric intolerances, ancestral sickness, structural displacements, negative subconscious perceptions, and much more. Here is all you need to know about The Emotion Code and how it is the quickest and most effective method to relieve anxiety. 


The Emotion Code is an energy-dependent therapy that identifies and releases blocked emotional energy swiftly and simply. Dr. Bradley Nelson invented the Emotion Code throughout his twenty-year chiropractic career. The Emotion Code works by physically removing emotional baggage. 

Much of your emotional baggage stems from times when you were traumatized or just overwhelmed by the feelings/emotions you were experiencing at the time. When you are unable to process feelings as they arise adequately, emotional energy becomes imprisoned in your body. In addition, suppressing or “stuffing” an emotion can hold non-useful energy.

These imprisoned emotions/energies can interfere with your physical and emotional wellbeing, as well as disturb your relationships over time. They also have a tendency to attract more of the same. For instance, if you have a trapped emotion such as rage, the energy of that emotion in your system will make it simpler for you to return to that feeling. 

Trapped emotions may cause sadness or anxiety, as well as prevent us from experiencing love and pleasure, and making us feel alienated from others. It is critical to remember that locked emotions, like the rest of the body, are formed of energy and may thus exert an impact on our biological tissues, creating acute discomfort as well as illness.


One of The Emotion Code’s greatest advantages is that it enables us to bring to conscious understanding numerous difficulties from the past that you have no conscious recall of. To gain the knowledge we need to release repressed emotions, we use a type of muscle testing to uncover the wisdom of the subconscious mind. Using muscle testing, we swiftly uncover and release underlying imprisoned emotions, which are damaging emotional energy from unpleasant previous events.

Trapped emotions are released with the Emotion Code technique by moving a magnet down the spine many times while recalling or recognizing specific life experiences and events with a chiropractic therapist. It appears easy, yet the results may be significant. Releasing imprisoned emotions creates favorable conditions for the body to heal physiologically, and emotional troubles frequently dissipate or become much simpler to manage. 

Some individuals feel better almost immediately, while others notice subtle improvements that appear to occur over time after multiple sessions. Many individuals say they feel “lighter” following an Emotion Code releasing session as if a weight has been lifted off their shoulders.



The Heart-Wall is removed in the first lap of anxiety recovery. In its attempt to defend you and itself, the heart’s intellect may be mistaken, and it picks particularly trapped emotions and assigns them to the heart at the price of offering and receiving healthy love.

This eventually leads to a state of emotional frostbite in our life. The heart’s wall of tension and anguish functions as a barricade between you and the joy you were meant to feel. Eliminating the Heart-Wall is the first lap on The Emotion Code’s fast road to anxiety relief.


The second lap on the path to anxiety recovery is to release any trapped feelings that are creating the anxiety. If you’re working on yourself, start by asking yourself, “Is there a repressed emotion that I can discharge that is creating my anxiety?” If yes, figure out what it is and when it occurred, and then ask yourself, “Do I need to know anything further about this locked feeling in order to release it?” If not, then let go of the suffocating feeling.

If the response is yes, ask questions in the path of elimination such as, “Does it have anything to do with a friendship… an event…at home…at work,” and so on. When you have gathered enough knowledge about the confined emotion, release it. All stored emotions related to anxiety should be released until they are gone.


The third lap is dedicated to maintenance. We take our automobiles to the lube shop to keep our automobiles running smoothly. We must do the same with our emotional life. Life will go on, and we will have to go through emotional ups and downs. Look for and eliminate the origins of a new Heart-Wall as well as any trapped emotions that collect once a month to keep you functioning as smoothly as possible.


The Emotion Code is an energy-based treatment that quickly and easily identifies and eliminates trapped emotional energy. Today can be the last day you permit anxiety to slow you down and deprive you of your emotional power by breaking your Heart-Wall, discharging any trapped feelings creating the anxiety, eliminating all imprisoned emotions from the body if feasible, and doing routine Heart-Wall and emotional maintenance to keep anxiety at distant so you can experience life to its fullest.

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